Well, it's that time again. Time for me to pack up everything and leave town for a couple months. I got some sketches of the set for the shows down there(Romeo and Juliet, 12th Night), and it looks pretty cool. I've been working overhire at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre scene shop for the past month and put in a bunch of oevrtime so I could buy me a laptop. Which I did! Now I can draft anywhere I want. At the zoo, or in a plane, or going down a waterslide! I think when I get back(just before Convergence) I'm going to take the Master Carp position at Chanhassen. It'll pay well, full benifits, and the other people in the shop are cool. It's just kind of odd, I've never really considered myself a great carpenter or anything, I mean sure I can build just about any kind of automated scenery, but the scenery itself has never really interested me. But apparently in addition to being a great sound and lighting technician, I'm a great carpenter too. What's kinda nice is it's a 9-5ish full time with weekends off, so I can goto parties and stuff! Woot! <- Does anybody ever actually say "woot"? Anyway, gotta load up me car and drive soon.


Mmmm pie.

You Are Mud Pie

You're the perfect combo of flavor and depth
Those who like you give into their impulses

Oh so true:

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If only I had a tattoo of a scorpion.

The Playboy
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CONSIDER: The Dirty Little Secret, The Nurse

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Hah, looks like I'm going to Omaha, NE on tour with Mixed Blood next week. I'm gonna raise me some hell up in there.

Er, down in there.

Well, down and over there. I'm gonna raise me some hell down and over there.

Oh, nevermind.

We won!

Well, we won the Hot-Pockets contest, and awaiting me back in Minneapolis is a stack of coupons for free hotpockets. Woo. I guess I could build a little castle out of them.

In other news, I'm in Utah. I'll be here til about Nov 1stish. It's very pretty. The end.


A Pirate Raider
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So, the Great River Shakespeare Festival crew entered a hotpockets contest. We're one of the 26 finalists, feel free to goto and vote for us, we're picture #16. We're sitting ontop of a giant steel bridge we built, we we're shooting for the look of that old photo where all the construction workers are sitting on an I-beam on a skyscraper eating lunch.